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R&R Bassett Engineering Ltd

Rigibore, Bassett Engineering's sister company manufactures high quality tooling for precision hole boring and related operations for automotive, aviation and engineering companies globally.

Rigibore has been established as a global supplier of special boring bars for over 30 years. The head office is in Cornwall, United Kingdom. Subsidiaries of Rigibore are in Wisconsin, USA and Bangalore, India.

As well as Rigibore's two innovative products, Smartbore and ActiveEdge, Rigibore also has its own software, RADS (Rigibore Advanced Design System). This software is available to customers and distributors. RADS allows Rigibore to produce special boring bar designs, capturing customer requirements in minutes and delivering special tools in as little as 24 hours.

Totally automated boring solution utilising ActiveEdge technology, auto compensation, and in-process gauging

Micron accurate wireless tool adjustment on up to seven cartridges

Micron accurate adjustments using a digital adjuster with no removal from the spindle