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Ministry Of Defence - A 40 Year Partnership

Bassett Engineering has been a direct contractor to the MoD for over 40 years with over 10,000 contracts successfully completed to date.

Our success lies in our competence to comply with the high quality standards and delivery requirements of major MoD contracts.

Completed contracts range from the fixed ammunition hoist and control system for the Type 23 Frigate programme (contract value in excess of £1m) including manufacture, commissioning and installation; transit frames for the vertical launch Seawolf Missile; components ranging from small machined parts to major fighting vehicle spares.

We offer a complete Supply and Fit service for Mod kits:

  • Quality in-house manufacturing facilities
  • Storage facilities
  • Distribution - group-wide expertise in worldwide export
  • Design and Manufacture of special tooling and fixtures to aid the fitting process
  • Installation - skilled, mobile fitting team

In addition to manufacturing we also offer a service and refurbishment service on many assemblies. For example The GPMG Machine Gun Mount and asoociated spares.

Various types of machine gun mounts are returned to us in varying conditions where they are inspected, surveyed, disassembled and paint stripped. New parts are manufactured as required, reassembled and painted to specification. After a final inspection and test they are returned to the relevant depot.

4.5" MK.8 Gun Magazine Hoists for Type 21 and 23 Frigates and Type 42 Destroyers

An electro-mechanical precision machined fabrication totaling 8.08m/26.5' in height. Bassett Engineeering manufactured 12 hoists in batches of 3 over a period of 8 years. They were manufactured in 9 separate sections, assembled and rigorously tested before being packed and shipped to dockyards to be commissioned by our own engineers to various Type 23 frigates including HMS Cornwall, HMS Sheffield, HMS Montrose and HMS Westminster. We assembled the hoist on site, conducted rigorous testing, took part in the sea trials and were responsible for a two year service programme.

The MK.8 hoist is an endless chain type, constructed as a rectangular steel trunking containing two vertical brass tubes of different diameters. The entire construction when complete undergoes water tightness and gas tightness tests for crew safety and battle readiness.

There are approximately 1500 line item parts, over 80 metres of welding, many different materials both special and standard and several kilometres of wiring included in this single assembly.


The Seawolf Transit Frame

The Seawolf Transit Frame is a large complex, tubular fabrication with precision machining, special components and testing requirements. The structure measures 3.75m x 1.1m x 1.1m and is mainly constructed from various heavy box rectangular sections and sheet metal. There is a rectractable trolley which operates on a pivot handle so the transit frame can be towed via its own towing hitch.

The cradle assembly within the transit frame is mounted on four special anti-vibration mounts and fully electrically earthed.


Ram Hydraulic Track Tension Adjuster

The Ram Hydraulic Track Adjuster is 13.75" in the closed position and has a 2" nominal cylinder bore. The piston is ground and hard chrome plated. The pivot ends are machined from forgings and welded to the assembly This component contains approximately 40 items which are all manufactured on site with the exception of standard seals purchased from approved suppliers. This assembly reflects a range of skills and plant machinery.


Ram Hydraulic Track Tension Adjuster

The sprocket hub is 20.9" or 530mm in diameter and is manufactured from a casting which is radiographically tested in accordance with MVEE 1137 Class 2. The hub is turned and bored with a general tolerance of 0.010" and specific diameters and dimensions are held to as little as 0.001". There is a 3.5" nominal 48 teeth, 82 degree spline broached through the bore. There are also 22 holes on a 22" PCD with a position tolerance of 0.003" put in on a machining centre for location and fastening to the sprocket on assembly.


Towbar Assembly

A steel fabricated recovery towbar assembly just over 2 metres long which has a working load limit of 39 tonnes. Each towbar manufactured is individually load tested and Lloyds certified. The adaptor ends (pictured) are machined from a casting that undergoes Class1 radiography 100% X-RAY inspection prior to machining.

The lunette ends, forks and towing eyes are machines from forgings which undergo magnetic particle inspection prior to machining.


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